EP 002 Christoph Rehage

“Tourism is sin, and travel on foot virtue.”

-Werner Herzog.

In this episode, I talk with Christoph Rehage, who filmed himself walking more than 5000km across China over the course of a year. Most of you will be familiar with him from the YouTube video  that resulted from the trip:

He’s also the author of three books, published in German and Chinese, an avid reader of travel books, collector of fine vodkas, filmmaker, photographer and newspaper columnist. We talk about his early travels, what China looks like beyond Beijing and the big cities, what Germany and China have to teach each other, and how travel improves our lives.

Show links:, his website.

His books, which I hope will be published in English in the near future:



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December 26th, 2015 on 3:32 am

I had a neighborhood park down the road from my choodhlid house. I lived at that house for 7 years, and by the time I moved, it had been demo’d and was beginning to be turned into another development.In fact, almost all my choodhlid wilderness spots have been turned into these pretty developments makes me sad.