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Windcastle Venture Consulting applies strategy, design and economics to grow your business


Windcastle Venture Consulting

Windcastle was founded to support startups, growing companies and others with a full range of consulting, advisory and business development services. Our goal is to accelerate you along the path to cash flow independence, whether by bringing in needed resources or through improved revenues and profits. We specialize in commercializing innovation and new technology—whether in healthcare/biotech, software/internet, cleantech or services. If you’d like to move your business along more easily and effectively, we have a way to help you


Scott Gosnell, CEO

Visit me on my main weblog: bottlerocketscience, or on Twitter @infinite_me

Windcastle Venture Consulting is my company, where I help my clients work on designing and refining their ideas, taking those ideas to market, and getting up to scale. You should hire me as a consultant or coach for you and your company.

I’m an occasional college lecturer, most recently at Kenyon College’s Economics Department. I’m also an occasional public speaker and writer.

I interview interesting people on my podcast: Startup Geometry Podcast. If you’re interesting, maybe I should interview you.

Startup Geometry is also the working title of my book about startups.

I’m also the translator of several books written by 16th century philosopher, heretic, and memory palace expert Giordano Bruno, available through Amazon.