Windcastle Venture Consulting provides consulting, advisory and business development services.

Corporate Development

For the fully-scaled enterprise, we create new products and new lines of business, providing you with a dynamic growth strategy.

New Venture Strategy

For the new venture, we provide a full range of services for accelerating your business: business planning, funding strategy & preparation, marketing & sales management.

Data Science & Analytics

We help you to understand your data better. Whether you need to understand market conditions, improve your pricing methods, match customers to products, explore your technology options or manage risk, we put the tools un your hand to help you answer your hardest questions.

Case Study: B2B Software

Windcastle began working with an automation software provider who needed a business plan to support their US business launch. The product was innovative and had been produced by a team with an average of twenty years of experience in the industry. One year later, after the Windcastle team provided both a go-to-market business plan and executive-level marketing & sales management, the company’s product is in active use on three continents and is supported by a network of alliance partners recognized for their excellence in service delivery.


From Our Clients

As a new business within the green technology sector, we knew we needed some assistance with our corporate message and documentation.  Working with Windcastle on

Susan S. Wittenberg – Director, Ecoffects, LLC



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